Polinema Library Sterilization 7 – 11 February 2022

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In connection with the sterilization of the Polinema Library in an effort to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus, library services are closed from Monday 7-11 February 2022. Services will reopen Monday 14 February 2022.

Users can still access online services provided by the Polynema Library, including:

  1. Institutional Repository : https://repository.polinema.ac.id;
  2. E-Journals and E-books: Proquest, Gale and Wiley.

For further information regarding online service access, please contact the officer at the number:

  1. Institutional Repository Access: +62 858-5369-0672;
  2. Access E-journal and E-book: +62 813-3200-0556.

Stay healthy and protected during the Covid-19 pandemic. (Yuda)