Analysis of ICA-AtoM Open Source Software Usability Level

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Ach. Nizam Rifqi

(Polinema Library)

This research discusses and examines the level of usability of an open source based digital archive software, namely ICA-AtoM. The background of writing is with the development of information technology which has become an integral part of people’s lives, especially in the world of information and documentation in the world of archives that the use of information technology is quite intense. In its development, various software that are competent in managing digital-based archives have emerged, especially now that there are many software based on open source, one of which is ICA-AtoM. The methodology of the Usability level analysis is carried out on ICA-AtoM version 1.3.1 through the checklist method by referring to the usability indicator points put forward by Nielsen. The results of the analysis show that the level of usability of the ICA-AtoM software is 56.7%, which means that it is still half of the usability achievement. The analysis shows that the lowest usability aspects are found in point Error prevention and Recognition rather than recall, where each aspect has a value of 0%, which means that the two aspects have not been fulfilled at all. Meanwhile, the highest results were obtained on the aspects of Flexibility and efficiency of use and Aesthetic and minimalist design, each of which obtained a percentage of 100%.

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