Comparative Analysis of Web OPAC Features Interface SLiMS and INLISLite Opensource Based Automation System

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Ach. Nizam Rifqi

(Polinema Library)

This study analyzes the level of completeness of the web OPAC interface features provided by the SLiMS and INLIS Lite automation systems in the Polinema Library and Brawijaya Malang Central Library. The research method used is descriptive quantitative research with a checklist analysis model. The basis for assessing the web OPAC interface is the indicator points proposed by B. Ramesh Babu and Ann O’Brien with 15 indicator items and 91 items. Overall the total comparison between the two OPACs is 62:65 with a percentage of 67%: 76%. Based on the results of the comparison, it can be said that the completeness of the OPAC INLISLite features which are implemented in the Central Library of Brawijaya Malang provides more complete features compared to the SLiMS OPAC in the Polinema Library.

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