Deconstructing the Leadership Role of Higher Education Libraries in the Era of Net Generation through the Perspective of Jacques Derrida’s Postmodern Social Theory

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Ach. Nizam Rifqi

(Polinema Library)

Published: Scientific Library Journal, Surakarta State University, Vol. 3, No. 2, (2017)

Information technology in life has developed quite rapidly, various changes occur. Patterns of social change that occur from time to time are ancient / classical, medieval, modern and postmodern. One of the things that grew and developed was the emergence of a generation that was very sophisticated and fast or what was called the net generation, where they grew and developed amidst the progress of the times. University libraries as centers of information sources have demands to be more developed. The pattern of changing the role of university library leadership as the spearhead of the library needs to be made in line with developments that occur. This study article discusses how to carry out this pattern of change through the postmodern social theory perspective approach proposed by Jacques Derrida. Through his theory of deconstruction, he tries to deconstruct the role of leadership in college libraries by trying to open a mindset and think philosophically to tear apart an established perspective in a rigid leadership process to make changes in development according to demands and needs.

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