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“Rahajeng rahina Nyepi Caka 1945. May the peace of Nyepi be with you and all your family with prosperity. Dumogi Ida Sang Hyang Widhi mapaica karahayun” Based on Announcement No.176/PUDIR.II/TU/2022 regarding National Holidays and Joint Leave in 2023, on March 22-23 2023 the Polinema Library services are CLOSED. The Polinema Library will REOPEN on Friday, […]
In accordance with Announcement No. 08/PL2.UPT.PERPUS/KM/2023 regarding the activities of the Polinema Library, the offline / physical services of the Polinema Library on Thursday to Friday 23-24 February 2023 will be closed. Offline / physical services will reopen on Monday, 27 February 2023. Users can still access online services provided by the Polinema Library, including: […]
According to announcement No. 037/PL.2.UPT.PERPUS/PENG/2022 regarding changes in service rates for the Malang State Polytechnic BLU, beginning December 1, 2022, the delay in returning books at the Polinema Library has been increased from Rp. 200,-/day to Rp. 500,-/day. (Yuda)

Polinema Library and UGM Library signed the MoU/PKS

As a follow-up to the benchmarking activity of the Polinema Library to the UGM Library on February 25 2023, on Tuesday 21 March 2023 the Polinema Library and the UGM Library officially signed the MoU/PKS which was carried out directly by the Head of the Polinema Library Bureau Syamsul Arifin, S.Pd and Plt . Head […]
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The Polinema Central Library coordinates services with the PSDKU Library

In order to coordinate the services of the Polinema Central Library with libraries outside the main campus, on January 12-13 2023 the Polinema Central Library made its first visit to the PSDKU Pamekasan Library. Then the second and third visits were carried out at other PSDKU campuses from March 15 to March 17 2023 carrying […]
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