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According to announcement No. 037/PL.2.UPT.PERPUS/PENG/2022 regarding changes in service rates for the Malang State Polytechnic BLU, beginning December 1, 2022, the delay in returning books at the Polinema Library has been increased from Rp. 200,-/day to Rp. 500,-/day. (Yuda)
ANNOUNCEMENT NO. 028/PL2.UPT.PERPUS/KM/2022 Following up on the new library policy related to uploading / uploading softcopy of final student scientific reports, especially students who are or will be working on Final Projects (D3), Thesis (D4) and Thesis (S2), we will inform you the Soft Copy Collection Format as a condition for getting a signature. dependents […]
During the closing of the Polinema Library’s On-Site service February 14-18 2022, students who will submit their Final Projects and are Free of Dependents can send a Hard Copy via Expedition. Detailed information can be seen in the post above. Sorry for the inconvenience. Stay healthy and protected during the Covid-19 pandemic. (Yuda)

Book Review Webinar Talk Show “Material Technology”

The Polinema Library will host an online book discussion activity titled “Material Technology,” which will be open to the general public as well as Malang State Polytechnic students and faculty. The book review activities will take place on the following dates: Day and date  : Monday, 5 December 2022 Time            […]
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Polinema Library Literacy Class “E-Research Skills”

Polinema Library will host literacy class activities for students and academics at the State Polytechnic of Malang on the topic “E-Research Skills — Strengthening Student Competence in Scientific Writing,” with the following speakers: Ardian Wahyu Setiawan, SS., M.ED., ED.D (Lecturer of English Department at State Polytechnic of Malang) The event will be held on: Day, […]
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