Malang Inter Library Loan (MILL) Coordination Meeting

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Along with the times and accompanied by advances in information technology, it is undeniable that it has created various phenomena as well as new challenges. In the context of higher education and higher education, of course, various kinds of information and literature needs arise to support the needs of the student learning process. Ideas and various ideas emerged as an effort to fulfill the information and literature needs of college students. Libraries as the center of information sources always try their best to meet these needs.

Polinema Library with 4 State University (PTN) libraries in Malang city (UIN, UB, UM and Poltekes) are moving together in an effort to fulfill the information and literature needs of students, especially those who are 5 PTN academicians. So that with the fulfillment of the information and literature needs, students in the future will be richer in literacy, especially in studies in college libraries. For this reason, 5 PTN libraries in Malang have initiated the formation of MILL (Malang Inter Library Loan), which is a means of cross-serving literature for the Malang City PTN library.

On this occasion the Polinema Library as a place for coordination meetings in the MILL planning effort. The coordination meeting that took place at the Polinema Library Unit was the third meeting after previously being held at the Brawijaya Library and UIN Maliki. The event which lasted for about 3 hours resulted in various ideas including the existence of MILL facilities such as the Union Catalog as a means of accessing literature searches and operational facilities used by librarians in their implementation. (Niz)