Cambridge Core e-Journal Collaboration Design

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In the academic world, especially universities, Cambridge University is one of the universities that is quite popular even at the world level, which is the second oldest university in the world. As an effort in scientific development, Cambridge University has taken a step by implementing an access service in the form of an e-Journal portal called Cambridge Core. In terms of content, the information contained in the journal can be said to be of sufficient weight to see how strict the selection process is to enter and be published in the journal.

In its application, Cambridge Core tries and seeks to collaborate with libraries, especially in the scope of higher education, both on a national scale throughout the United Kingdom and in the international arena including Indonesia. On that occasion, Polinema Library got an opportunity with a visit and presentation from the Cambridge Core team. This is an initial step for UPT. Malang State Library as an effort to develop library collections, especially with a focus on collections on a virtual basis, one of which is e-journal.

Technically, the process of the activity is running smoothly. Overall, it can be said that the process of designing the collaboration will be followed up by both the Polinema Library and from the Cambridge Core itself to be realized in the future. (Niz)