Social Media Based Service System

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Seeing the massive development of information and communication technology that has reached various groups, one of which includes the higher education academic community. Access to information has undergone many changes from being completely printed to developing information with virtual access, one of which is the type of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (IG).

Libraries as information centers have demands to provide access to information in accommodating the needs of users, one of which is the college library which has a duty as a central access facility for information sources for the entire academic community it shelters.

Polinema Library in order to accommodate the needs of users in accessing information related to services, procedures and information related to libraries trying to implement information services based on social media. Some social media that UPT tries to implement. Polinema Library, among others, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (IG). Some consider using some of these social media because they are quite popular, especially among students nowadays.

To access these various social media users is quite easy, namely by visiting:

  1. facebook: UPT. Perpustakaan Politeknik Negeri Malang
  2. twitter: @polinemalibrary
  3. instagram (IG): @polinemalibrary

Various announcements regarding services, procedures related to library administration can be accessed through the social media. (Niz)