Training and Utilization of Ebsco e-Journal

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The era of advances in information technology accompanied by the rapid development of science, means of tracking and access to information sources is important. A lot of information can be absorbed and obtained, but in certain contexts society also needs scientific information, one of which is through journals and research articles.

The Library Unit as a center for information sources has started to move not only as a center for information sources that can be said to be just information, but especially in a university library environment, it should become a center for scientific information sources that can be accommodated by the availability of journal collections and research articles. In a broader context, journals are an important part of the library collection which are the most important vehicles for global scientific communication. For the academic community, the means of scientific communication in the form of journals are essential and non-negotiable as reference materials for making articles and scientific journals. It also refers to Government Regulation Number 37 of 2009 concerning Lecturers and Minister of National Education Regulation Number 47 of 2009 concerning teacher certification for lecturers which have demands to collect a portfolio including scientific research. For students in supporting their final assignments and reports. It also refers to the tridharma of higher education, namely as a place of education, research and service, so that the means of scientific communication are non-negotiable and absolutely necessary.

Responding to this phenomenon, Polinema Library as the center of information sources in the Malang State Polytechnic academic community tries to answer by providing e-journal portal facilities. The library in this case accommodates both students, staff and lecturers to be able to take advantage of the e-journal access service to support access to scientific sources of information. On this occasion, on November 29 2018, the library held a training for lecturers, employees and especially librarians to be able to take advantage of e-journal services, one of which is Ebsco which has just been subscribed to by the library.

The training event was attended by several lecturers, staff, librarians and library staff. The training is carried out so that the facilities provided by the library can be utilized properly and it is hoped that lecturers in particular can provide education on the use of these journals to students and for librarians and staff can have knowledge so that they can provide education for library users later in the program. access the e-journal. (Niz)