Implementation of Student’s Final Project Independent Upload Service

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Based on the SE Director Number: 55 / DIR / TU / 2020 concerning the Implementation of Academic and Student Activities in the New Normal Order of Malang State Polytechnic, Polinema Library in improving the service system to visitors, especially students, the independent upload service policy is implemented.

Formally the independent upload service began to be implemented on Monday, July 13, 2020. This policy was taken in order to simplify the dependency-free process. This also remembers that since the Covid-19 pandemic, students carried out all academic activities online, automatically the intensity of attendance to campus was minimal. Starting from the implementation of New Normal according to the appeal of the Director of Polinema, regarding service activities on campus, one of which is the library service system, the library makes it easier for students who take care of dependency by submitting their Final Project files online, meaning that here students do not have to come and queue when submitting the file. enough from their respective homes they can independently upload the Final Project file.

The implementation of the independent upload implementation certainly does not make decisions directly without consideration and one-sided. First, internal coordination between library staff is carried out regarding how to formulate service policies and technical operational implementation.

The internal coordination process involves librarians and library administration staff because the independent student upload service is related to repository management, which is the responsibility of librarians and administrative staff related to free lending of student collection materials in the library. After the internal party then the library coordinated with the external library which includes the leadership of the institution, especially Vice Director 1 (Deputy Director) as the head of the academic field who oversees the Polinema Library Unit, the academic section in charge of student affairs and departments. After the discussion process and finding an agreement both internally and externally, the Polinema Library gave announcements to students in coordination with the department and carried out socialization related to the flow mechanism and procedures in the utilization of the Final Project self-service.