Mendeley-Based Reference Management Training for Lecturers and Employees

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Mendeley is a computer and web program developed by Elsevier to manage and share research papers, search for research data, and collaborate online. The library held this training on a limited basis internally by implementing strict health protocols.

The event was held on September 21, 2020. Technically, the Polinema Library organized the training by inviting speakers from outside the Malang State Polytechnic to serve as resource persons. The purpose of this activity is to explain the citation writing style and scientific bibliography, as well as to introduce the Mendeley application, as well as to install and use the Mendeley application. Participants include internal lecturers and employees from Malang State Polytechnic. With this activity, it is hoped that participants will understand its utility in citation preparation so that they will not use it without a clear source. (Nizam)