Launching Booking Book Services Polinema Library

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On Friday (26/02/2021), the Polinema Library held an offline Book Launching event in the Multimedia Room of Graha Polinema, adhering to strict health protocols. This Booking Book service was officially launched by the Director of the Malang State Polytechnic, Drs. Awan Setiawan, M.MT., MM., and was attended by Assistant Director I and III, Head of Library Polinema, Head of UPT P3AI, Head of UPT Public Relations, and UPT Library staff.

In his speech, the Director of the State Polytechnic of Malang stated that activities were completely limited during the pandemic, but services must continue to run, and that an online service innovation for the Polinema academic community is required.

The Director hopes that the Polinema Library can work hard to prepare for library accreditation.

“All infrastructure accreditation needs will be met.” I want to thank P3AI for helping to prepare this accreditation process. “I also want to thank the two library employees who have been promoted to permanent positions,” the Director said.

Syamsul Arifin, S.Pd., Head of the Polinema Library, stated that this online Booking Book service is for the entire Polinema academic community, students, and employees.

“Those interested in using this service should go to the library’s online catalog at and search for the desired book.” After that, you can see the number of copies available by clicking on the book’s title. “The loan period for students is two weeks with one extension, and the loan period for employees is one month with one extension, with a maximum of five books borrowed,” he explained.

During the pandemic, the Polinema Library provides limited offline services, prioritized for final year students, with a maximum of 25 visitors.

Polinema students, PTN students with magic cards, and PTS students with super cards can all use the library.

“Other campus students with magic cards and super cards, both PTN and PTS, can read the collections in the Polinema library.” Furthermore, these users can access online services such as Student Final Assignment Repository Services, E-Book Services, and E-Journals.

“In terms of accreditation, the Polinema Library is currently compiling the completeness of the accreditation form, as well as its facilities and infrastructure,” concluded the Polinema Library’s Head. (Nizam)