Before its establishment, the State Polytechnic of Malang became one of the vocational-based institutions in the city of Malang, which used to be a unit under the auspices of the Brawijaya University Malang or what was called the Polytechnic of Universitas Brawijaya Malang. The history of the library itself, previously the library was called the Universitas Brawijaya Polytechnic Library which was founded in 1982, but the library was officially opened in 1984 which was marked by the opening of a unit to collect grant books from Switzerland which was later called the Universitas Brawijaya Polytechnic Library. In 1985-1996, operationally library services were still limited in terms of human resources (HR) in carrying out library services only having two staff. The management system, especially the collection management at that time, was still manual and there was no standard management system.

1987 can be said to be a period in which the library experienced a decline. At that time the library collections were returned to the departments, the policy was carried out on the basis of the consideration that the number of management staff, collection rooms and the number of collections was not balanced. However, over time in 1989, through several long processes, finally the Brawijaya State Polytechnic Library was reopened.

The year 2007 was a good start for the development of the Polytechnic State Polytechnic Library of Brawijaya Malang, this was marked by the establishment of the State Polytechnic of Brawijaya Malang as the State Polytechnic of Malang. The library, which is administratively under the auspices of Malang State Polytechnic, has formally changed into one of the UPT (Technical Implementation Unit) of Malang State Polytechnic. In its development the library slowly began to find improvements periodically. Several improvements include an increase in human resources, specifically librarians, and the number of collections which continues to increase every year. These developments continue to the development and application of information technology in libraries. Libraries that were previously managed by manual systems have now turned into automated systems and even digital collection management.