Online Book Booking Service Innovation Service Polinema Library

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As is known, the Covid 19 pandemic that has hit the whole world, especially in Indonesia, has not yet ended (February 2021). All sectors can be said to be affected by this pandemic, both in terms of business/business, agriculture and the world of education. As we have seen from the beginning of the pandemic until now, we no longer see children leaving for school at the end of the day, the campus atmosphere is bustling with students all turning to online learning. This, of course, happened with the consideration of limiting interaction in the community to prevent transmission and moreover efforts to break the Covid-19 chain.

It will be very synchronous when we talk about the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic which has an impact on the world of education and its relation to library services. It is certain and of course that this has an impact on the world of libraries where the library is one of the public services, of course it must limit the interaction between users in the library. Overcoming this, the pattern of service switching has begun to be encouraged by not reducing its function in providing information to users, so that online-based services are prioritized, of course, in various ways and efforts.

The Polinema Library, which is one of the university libraries under the auspices of the Malang State Polytechnic institution (Polinema), has also felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The existence of restrictions on learning activities in the world of campus and the entire academic community of Polinema, be it students, lecturers or employees, the library is of course limited in physical opening hours. On the other hand, the need, especially for students, for sources of information to support teaching and learning activities cannot be contested and must be prioritized. Overcoming this, one of the latest innovations from the Polinema Library is to issue a Booking Book Online Service, which is a service innovation where users, especially the entire Polinema academic community, place an order for borrowing book collections without having them enter and directly access the collection. Users are facilitated by ordering via cellphone regarding the requested book after searching the online catalog. This is done, of course, to limit physical activities that cause crowds and the Polinema Library fully supports efforts to break the Covid-19 chain in order to create an atmosphere of conducive learning activities again, of course, by not reducing the function of the library as a center for information sources, especially in the Polinema environment. (Niz)

The following are the terms and procedures for accessing the Polinema Library’s Booking Online Book Service:

–> Requirements

  1. Active users (users) of the library: namely the entire Polinema academic community including students, lecturers and employees who are active;
  2. Users (users) with an active library membership period, if not, please do a member renewal first;
  3. Users (users) who do not have dependents for books that have not been returned and are late;
  4. The booking limit for book loans is a maximum of 5 copies of books with different titles;
  5. The time limit for book collection is a maximum of 2 x 24 hours from the start of making a booking, otherwise the booking will be declared cancelled.

–> Procedure

  1. Please access the online catalog of the UPT Polinema Library ->;
  2. Do a search in the search field with choices based on title, author or subject;
  3. Select the title you need, then check the status of the availability of collection copies by clicking on the collection details;
  4. If the status of the copy is available, please make a booking via WA admin (081231120756) with the following conditions:
    a. Screenshot of the collection to be booked;
    b. Photo KTM for Students;
    c. Identity of Lecturer or Employee of Polinema (NIP/Employee Attendance No.).